Who is using Go Button?

  • Touring theatre productions
  • Theme park live shows
  • Magicians
  • Puppeteers
  • School teachers
  • Choreographers
  • Stage Managers
  • Clowns
  • Cruise ship comedians
  • Circus sideshow troupes
  • And more every day...
iPhone two cues playing


And finally say goodbye to show CDs.

Go Button plays your sound cues precisely the way you want, at every performance. Do smart things with your sound – like fades, auto-stop or autofollow, looping, ducking, and so much more.

It's your own private sound designer — in your pocket!


Whether you're a perfectionist or just understaffed, running your sound has never been easier.

Trigger your cues wirelessly with any iOS-compatible remote control or Bluetooth keyboard, including the popular iJet iNAV. Or really blow them away onstage and go hands-free with the AirTurn BT-105 pedals.

All by just pressing "Go".

iPad configure remote

iPhone Music picker


  • Buy a song on iTunes and immediately drop it into your show.
  • Import audio files from email attachments.
  • Stream your show wirelessly to Bluetooth speakers or over AirPlay.
  • Non-destructive editing frees you from the studio & makes last-minute tweaks a breeze.

and more...

iPad + iPhone 2.0

Go Button is a universal app. The compact iPhone version & the full-featured iPad version ship together in a single app. Buy it once, install on all of your iOS devices.

Cue Presets 2.0

Create full shows quickly using presets like "Fade Out + Play Next". Or, customize everything: fade & start/stop times, volume, actions like looping, autofollow, and post-wait.


Create a show on one device & email it to another. Show files are XML-based & also great for keeping backups off of your device. (Audio files must be copied separately.)

Passcode Lock

Set a 4-digit PIN to prevent unauthorized edits to your shows. Paired with the "Restrictions" settings available in iOS, you can rest easy knowing that only you can modify your shows.

iPad Extras 2.0

Supplement your iPad shows with always-available, one-shot SFX "hit" buttons. And the all-new, iPad-optimized layout looks great & includes a new info panel with a big "Notes" field for cue lines or other reminders.

Power Edit 2.0

The new visual waveform editor lets you see and touch your edits. Preview cues without leaving the editor. More new features include Duplicate Show, Duplicate Cue, multiple selection, and Disable Cue.

100% Core Audio

Play multiple cues at the same time effortlessly. Simple to use, yet engineered for no compromises. Ultra-efficient and low latency playback powered by The Amazing Audio Engine.

More Features

  • Elapsed show timer
  • AirPlay/Bluetooth support
  • In-depth User Manual
  • Supports all DRM-free AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, & CAF



  • Love love love Go Button. Was able to run a whole show recently from my iPhone. Terrific app and one I've been waiting for for a long time. Worth every penny. - Jamie Beamish

  • My new act kills EVERY time because of my sound cues... If you want to be a pro performer, this is too easy not to incorporate into your act. - The Party Game Guy (via iTunes)

  • I am in the process of replacing my laptop with this jewel... It does everything I need for my traveling show. - TheQuantum (via iTunes)

  • Hands down the most professional, intuitive & stable (very important) program I've found. My company is now able to have all the flexibility, precision and features without having to tour with a laptop or desktop. - Joseph Wartnerchaney, Manhattan Creative Group

  • We've been using Go Button at Ensemble Studio Theatre, Cherry Lane, HERE Arts Center, and gearing up for next week at Urban Stages. - G. Warren Stiles, Theatre Designer

Change the way you play your sound cues.

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